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The Most Reliable Shuttle Service in Tucson, AZ

Get to your destination safely and comfortably with Sonora Shuttle, the best shuttle service in Tucson, AZ. Our drivers are passionate about getting our customers and their belongings from point A to point B in a timely, safe fashion. Whether you need a ride across town or to the next county over, give us a call. We’ll get you there in a flash.

Service Across Southern Arizona

Our services cover most of southern Arizona, including service from Tucson to Douglas. Whether you need to travel across town or across counties, our shuttle drivers can take you to your destination as long as it’s within our southern Arizona service range. 

Affordable Rides

Sonora Shuttle believes that passenger transportation should be accessible for everyone because everyone has somewhere to go. We keep our prices low and competitive to reflect this belief, ensuring everyone has access to our shuttles and reliable, clean transportation to their workplace, home, or other destinations.

Clean, Efficient Service

When you ride with us, you can expect to have an efficient and clean experience. We instruct our drivers to keep the shuttle as clean as possible. We take frequent breaks in between stops to ensure the cleanliness of the vehicle so our customers receive the best service possible. If you’re unsatisfied with the cleanliness of your trip, let us know. We’ll make sure you’re taken care of. 

Hail Us for a Ride Today!

Whether you need a ride to work, school, home, or anywhere in between, Sonora Shuttle has you covered. With competitive prices and drivers that follow the speed limit and safety regulations, we guarantee safe passenger transportation anywhere you need to go. Call us today for further questions or to schedule your ride. 

(520) 294-1210